Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new post, a new living situation

It seems that every time i post on "blogspot," i have completely different feelings with everything going on. I also seem to be living in a different house every time.

I lived in the spacious house of strangers from July 2009 to March 2010. I became best friends with a ginger cat with freckles. Then I realized that I was being ripped off, and decided to live somewhere better.

I moved into a house of friends, close to downtown, in a better neighborhood, for less money. Dream come true. Everything about the living situation is great, except that my room is small and there is not natural light. The lack of sunshine makes my mood a little down. A little dark. Not so bright. It's cool for sleeping in, being lazy, and never getting out of the cave... but to be productive and feel better... not so much. It's not SO bad, but waking up with the sun creeping through the shades and making shadows would be so much better. Everything would be better if it was sunny all the time... unless I'm on the coast. That's different though.

Things are tremendously better right now. I'm in good spirits, my love life isn't on the rocks, and I feel as though I'm figuring myself out a bit. Though things are better, thing$$ are not better.

I blame it all on a drunken night which makes me 3,000+ dollars in debt. It's mind boggling, really. My own mother even suggested that I avoid all payments and go into massive debt. Shit, if I do that, I might as well go all out and buy as much as I can and go bankrupt.

Bankruptcy is kind of romanticized in my eyes. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to do whatever you wanted for a while. Travel, experience, have fun. Sure, they might be able to repo your car and some physical items... but those experiences, those trips... that'd be impossible. I feel like if i was actually crazy, and rather influential, I'd get a group of awesome people to all go bankrupt with me. We'd all do it together, because going down isn't that fun... unless you're with fun people. So, if you want to go bankrupt with me, lets!

i don't know where i was planning on going with this, but who gives a shit.

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